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 To BSSA Members:

In 2016, all guests will have to pay a $10.00 user and insurance fee while shooting on our
range. This is to make sure that all persons using the range have liability insurance. G
uests will have to put the fee into an envelope, print their name, address and postal code on the front of it and drop it into the metal deposit box (next to the registration book) inside of the SIGN IN building. They only have to pay the fee once and still have to sign in on the "Guest Book" prior to using the facility.

If your guest is a member from a different club and is already insured through the NFA, they do not have to pay the $5.00 fee but do have to include their insurance number in the "Guest Book" when they sign in prior to using the facility.

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     The Bonnyville Shooting Sports Association (BSSA) Range is located about 8km SW of Bonnyville Alberta. We are a Provincially Regulated Shooting Range and the property is a Game Sanctuary, NOT a hunting area. Our Club promotes the safe and enjoyable pastime of leisure and competitive shooting for all disciplines.

     The BSSA has been here for the last 33 years and is continually upgrading and expanding the range. We currently have 530 active members and have set the MAXIMUM CAPACITY of the facility to 1,000 ACTIVE MEMBERS.

     The BSSA is a Provincially Regulated Range and is certified for the use of:

  •  Hand Guns
  •  Rimfire, Centerfire and Black Powder Rifles
  •  Shot Guns

      In addition to the above ranges, the club has recently built a 100 meter archery range complete with an elevated tower.


     This website is geared toward keeping members and non-members alike up to date with events, completions and more. The BSSA range is OPEN for use 7 DAYS A WEEK / 365 DAYS A YEAR, but parts of it may be closed down for range construction, maintenance, or club events. We will post notices on the home page to advise everyone of range closures.

     Our HOURS OF OPERATION vary throughout the year. During the SPRING and SUMMER months the facility will be OPEN FROM 8:00A.M. TO 21:30P.M. However in the FALL and WINTER MONTHS, the hours change to from 8:00A.M. TO ONE HALF HOUR AFTER SUNSET.

     It is ILLEGAL TO DISCHARGE A FIREARM AT NIGHT in Canada unless the Provincially Regulated Shooting Range has outdoor lighting. We do NOT meet the requirement.

     For those visiting from out of town, we’ve added some links of local amenities to make your stay enjoyable, and to keep you happy and coming back to Bonnyville Sports Shooting Association Range.

     Be sure to see our Sponsors’ links, we are a non-profit organization and rely on Memberships and Sponsorship to continue to provide a Provincially Regulated Shooting Range, and a safe, fun environment for all to enjoy.

     Please note: No public camping is allowed unless preapproved by the BSSA board members.

     We hope you find plenty of useful information here, not only a link-up to the NFA (National Firearms Association) where you’ll find the resources for the Canadian gun owner such as applicable acts, regulations, legal issues and more. We’ve also tried to include local businesses links to provide you with the supplies and equipment necessary to have great day at the range.
   REMEMBER: All work, repairs and maintenance is done by volunteers, to ensure membership rates are kept low, and the range in great shape, feel free to pitch in!

Fund Raising

     Since the Bonnyville Shooting Sports Association is a non-profit organization we are fund raising for these upcoming projects at the range:

  •  Road Condition Upgrades
  •  Club House
  •  Improvements to Landscaping

Supplies and Cash Donation accepted

Contact Us today to find out how you can help
Tax receipts available - Also Sponsor Recognition on this website
Our target is $75,000.00 to cover the costs
Thank You for your support.


Road / Range Conditions - See Map

Shooting Range Open
Road Open

Black Badge Courses

Black Badge courses will continue next spring. If you are interested, send us your contact information to The instructor needs a minumum of six participants to put on a course. Due to the amount of no shows, there will be a 50% deposit ($150) to hold your spot.


*This is the required training needed to compete in the IPSC shooting sport. If you are interested in the course, email us your info and we will get you on the list.


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