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Association and the executive, members, and directors accept NO responsibility for injuries or damages occurring on the range property to persons or property.

For the Safety of range personnel and shooters, Range usage is at the risk of the user. The Bonnyville Shooting Sports Association require the continuous attention of all persons to be diligent in handling of all firearms and caution when moving about the range. Please use polite social behavior with all members, guests and participants.

Please watch the below video to learn the rules of the BSSA gun range.

  1.  ALL Persons on the property must sign in the Registry Book prior to using the facilities. THIS IS AN OPERATING CONDITION OF THIS RANGE. Guests are required to fill out guests sign in book with their name, address, and the member’s club number. Place $10 fee in envelope with member’s number on envelope and insert in the locked box. The range is for the use of our members and guests only except for public events.
  2.  All members are required to wear their membership cards while on the range. Holders and Lanyards will be next to the Registry book when signing in.
  3.  Members or Guests will NOT be under the influence of drugs or alcohol before or during the use of any range.
  4.  A Maximum of two guests per member. The same guest is only allowed three visits per year, no matter which member they are with. The member is responsible for their guests. Guest fee applies.
  5.  BSSA authorized Range Safety Officers will ensure compliance with club rules. At their discretion, an RSO has the authority to remove a shooter from the BSSA range for a day, and if required refer the matter to the BSSA board directors for further actions which may include cancellation of the shooters membership, Without any refunds of fees or dues.
  6.  If there is no Range officer and two or more shooters are on the range, one person shall be deemed as Range officer and take control of the range. That person will ensure when the range is active or safe and calling it out to the range. This person must make sure no person is down range when making range active. BUT, anyone can call a CEASE FIRE if they see any unsafe acts. No persons shall be in front of the firing line when the range is active. We ask that all persons respect this persons roll as it help us all be safe.
  7.  All Federal & Provincial Regulations are to be observed at all times at the range. Failure to comply may result in eviction from and being banned from the range, without refund of fees or dues.
  8.  All Persons on the firing lines or in the area should wear eye and hearing protection.
  9.  This range is designated by the BSSA as a wildlife sanctuary and HUNTING is NOT allowed. Memberships will be revoked for violators.
  10.  All muzzles will be pointed down range or in a safe direction at all times. Muzzles are not to be pointed at any person at any time.
  11.  All Guns that are not in use will have the actions in the open position and in racks. Never leave a loaded firearm unattended.
  12.  All Guns are to be unloaded and actions opened during a cease fire. No one will handle any firearms while on the firing line while there is a cease fire, when people are in front of the firing lines or if someone is down range changing out targets.
  13.  All ammunition with steel core / or steel penetrators is strictly PROHIBITED no exceptions. Members are responsible to test their own ammunition with magnets prior to use.
  14.  Supplied targets are on the honor system and you are expected to pay the posted rates for these.
  15.  Use only range approved targets and stands that are provided by the range. These have been designed to ensure that they reduce ricochet safety hazards for other shooters and our neighbors. No Binary Explosive Targets Allowed.
  16.  Targets are to be placed on the target stands centered vertically and well clear of any supporting frame work. Targets to be placed so that the bullet hits the center or towards the bottom of the berms stops. Persons found shooting target stands or any club property on purpose will be banned from the range.
  17.  Loaded firearms shall not have the barrel pointed higher than the top of the berms.
  18.  Targets will be within 3 meters of the base of the back stop. NO TARGETS will be place on the ground and shot.
  19.  All firearms shall be UNLOADED and actions open unless on the firing line. Pistols that are holstered will be kept unloaded unless on the firing line.
  20.  ALL gun actions are to be in the open position and unloaded when not in use or when people are past the firing lines.
  21.  After shooting is completed, targets are to be removed and the area cleaned up. All fired brass is to be put in the supplied brass buckets and equipment returned to the club house. If the back boards are shot out, replace them with new ones. Old boards to be put in pit behind 100 meter back stop.
  22.  Members shall NOT lend out their range access key. If found membership may be revoked without reimbursement.
  23. In addition, all members and guests must refer to the range specific rules for each of the Shotgun, Pistol, and Rifle ranges.
  24.  Last member to leave range must ensure that buildings and both gates are locked.

1.      Handguns that are removed from a case or returned to a case must be done with muzzles pointing downrange, and only when the down range area is clear and the range is declared active. No handling of firearms when someone is ahead of the firing line.

2.      Centerfire rifles and shot guns are prohibited on these ranges.

3.      No shoulder or cross draw holsters are allowed on these ranges.

4.       Firearms will only be loaded on the firing line when the range goes live. 

5.       On a cease fire all firearms will be unloaded and holstered or unloaded and set down on tables or racks with action’s open. No handling of a firearm during a cease fire or when persons are in front of the firing line. 

6.       For training, practicing, or events in IPSC or Three Gun shooters must have completed a course and have another person designated as the Range Officer. RO must have training in that sport. Signage must be placed at the range to let other members know of the sport being practiced. 

7.      Handguns in holsters are to be unloaded and hammer down unless at the firing line.

8.     Targets are to remain on target stands at the rear berms, with shooters varying their distance to the targets as required, while maintaining a common firing line for all shooters.

9.      Shots must impact directly into the rear berms. Do not shoot into the side berms or “floor” of the pistol ranges.

10.     Drawing and firing a loaded handgun from a holster must be done in a safe manner and with the greatest care at all times. The handgun must be loaded and unloaded only at the firing line. Handguns in holsters not in immediate use on a firing line must be unloaded of ammunition and/or magazines, with hammer down / striker de-cocked.

11.     No Steel targets are allowed unless supplied by the range and will not be shot closer than a minimum distance of 10 meters. A Certified BSSA Range Officer will oversee the shooting of the steel targets on the pistol ranges. AR500 steel only.

12. When moving forward and backwards to a firing point firearms must be continuously pointed down. At no time should a firearm be pointed at anyone for any reason.

*Our members are not permitted to place targets or objects on the ground to shoot at. This can cause ricochets and could shut our club down.
*If you are shooting a 454 casull, a 460 S&W or a 500 S&W, please take them to the rifle range. These calibers are just too powerful and will damage the metal framework that holds the target boards in place. *
If your target board is shot up too badly, replace it with a new one. Spare boards, nails and a hammer can be found in the registration building right beside the sign in book.
*** In addition to this you must also follow the posted rules at each range as outlined by the CFO.

1.      Pistols and rifles are prohibited on this range.

2.       Number 6 shot is the largest size shot allowed on this range.

3.       Be aware of the direction your shot is traveling. Make sure that the clays are being shot at in a Safe direction and not towards the main entrance road or buildings.

4.       Make sure that you are not shooting the buildings when shooting at the clay targets

5.       Pick up your empty hulls and take your garbage with you.

 Use of alcohol is not allowed before or during shooting on this range.
* We have set up an area and a manual machine for the people who want to come out and shoot some clay birds. It is set up to throw the birds in a northeast direction so our members can shoot in a safe direction and not towards the entrance road or at the existing infrastructure. This will also keep the broken clays off the highly maintained and well groomed trap field.
*** In addition to this you must also follow the posted rules at each range as outlined by the CFO.

1.     All rifles in the 338 Lapua, 308 and 223 safety templates are allowed. 50 BMG and 416 Barrets are not allowed. The largest black powder caliber allowed is 58 caliber. The use of all hand gun calibers are allowed on this range. The use of shot guns are allowed on this range to pattern your gun on a target board or when sighting your shotgun in when using slugs or sabots. 

2.     Rifle ammunition with steel cores and / or steel penetrators is strictly PROHIBITED – no exceptions! Members are responsible to test their own ammunition prior to use using the magnets and bolt cutters provided. 

3.     During a ceasefire, all firearms will be unloaded and action in the open position. Those not proceeding downrange are not to handle firearms on the fire line. They ARE allowed along the firing line and benches, in order to set up equipment and perform other tasks which do not include handling of firearms. Casing, preparation, cleaning, repair, adjustment, lubrication or any other handling is not allowed. Such activities are only allowed upon the return of all persons from downrange and the return of the range to active shooting status.

4.     Firearms must never be pointed at another person. Long guns must be moved to and from the shooting benches and racks with their muzzles pointing up. Long guns must be removed from their cases only on the shooting benches on the firing line, with the muzzle pointing up or downrange. Firearms must never be pointed along the firing line (sideways) when moving or handling them.

5.     All shots are to be made at the target directly in front of the shooter’s firing position. No shots are to be made at angles across the range, as this poses a ricochet and safety hazard. Shooters wanting to shoot at a different target stand / distance must move to a firing position which provides the required stand / distance immediately to the front of that position. 

6.     Only steel targets supplied by the range at the 200, 300 meter are allowed. (Members CANNOT bring out their own steel targets)

7.     There will be no shooting when anyone is down range of the firing line anywhere on this range. IE: If someone is checking or installing a target on the two or three hundred meter backboard, you CANNOT shoot at your target on the one hundred meter backboard and vice versa. No shooting allowed if anyone is in front of the shooting benches With Actions Open.

8.     The use of bump firing mechanisms or spray and pray shooting will not be tolerated.

9.     No alcohol allowed before or during shooting on this range.
*** In addition to this you must also follow the posted rules at each range as outlined by the CFO.


Hello all, club members and guest will have to have their lanyards with membership card visible when at the range. We have guest lanyards at the registry book.  The club will be holding more Black Badge coursed this year. If you are interested please contact us. We have added the events calendar to the top of the page for all up coming events and range closures. So please watch the calendar close so you don't show up to shoot and a range happens to be closed. 


Guest Policy

The BSSA is a members only club, but does allow our members to bring out a maximum of two participating guests with them. The guests are to be under the member’s direct supervision and are allowed a maximum total of two visits. Guests must also sign the GUEST BOOK and pay a $10.00 user fee per visit as well. There is a metal strongbox beside the SIGN IN BOOKS. If they wish to continue using the facilities, they are expected to join the club. Non-shooting spectators are allowed to come out as well, as long as they comply with the club's rules of conduct and are not interfering with other BSSA members and their paid usage of the range. 


Road / Range Conditions

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